The sun stretched and yawned,
Causing shafts of gold to light-speed across the ocean.
Morning mist blurred distant horizon line,
Making grayish-green water melt into sky.

The arc of flame surged from the horizon,
Spattering fringes of cloudlets with sizzling embers.
High-energy waves crashed toward shore,
Spreading white lace tablecloths in their wake.

The luminous orb arose,
Saturating the beach with life-giving light.
Seagulls hovered over shoreline shallows,
Competing with pelicans that skimmed surf's swell.

The star of the show befriended cirrus clouds,
Playing hide-and-seek with whipped cream puffs.
Warmed sea water churned and cooked kelp fronds,
Washing reddish brown jellyfish ashore.

The flaming disk watched all day long,
Emboldening surfers, kayakers and paddle-boaters.
Multicolored sailboats skimmed the water,
Entertaining tourists on decks of sightseeing yachts.

The celestial body smiled down from above,
Celebrating wobble-running toddlers and couples in love.
Sand shifted according to high and low tides,
Revealing, then concealing pebbles, stones and shells.

The shining sphere slowly descended,
Preparing to snuggle into the horizon.
Tide lazily receded toward lowest level,
Exhibiting sand patterns like quilted bedspreads.



Bart McConnell
02/03/2014 11:51pm

Poetry at its best! Next time I'm at the beach, it will be with new eyes.

Meredith A.
02/11/2014 2:55pm

Beautiful poem! Hope you post some more.

Amy Stevenson
02/21/2014 12:11pm

Most of us just see water and sand as water and sand. We are seeing without really seeing. You see white lace tablecloths and quilted bedspreads.

11/20/2015 9:23am

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