Between different food preferences and dietary restrictions, is it possible for four friends to go out for lunch together and each be completely satisfied? 

Three of my friends and I recently went to one of the trendy restaurant rows to enjoy some girlfriend chat time. After wandering for some time from spot to spot looking at menus, we were beginning to think there was no way the three of us would be happy at the same restaurant. One couldn't eat this, the other couldn't eat that.

Gluten-free friend was staying away, far away, from pasta, pizza, and bread so Italian was out. Low-sodium gal nixed Chinese. The one who was lactose-intolerant strode right past the French bistro with its heavy sauces made from cow's milk. I decided not to even mention my acid reflux; things were getting complicated enough.

"What about this menu?" I asked in front of the California-style restaurant. "Everything is made with organic ingredients. Sounds healthy."

We walked inside and were seated in a booth. "You do realize," said the one, it's not only the sodium we've got to watch our for. Just because they've got organic ingredients here doesn't mean we're home free."
Gluten-free lady's eyes lit up. "You've got that right! Preservatives and additives are soooo bad for us."

Not to be outdone, lactose-intolerant friend added, "Worse are saturated fats and high-glycemic index carbs...turn into sugar, you know."

Four green salads later (adding one thing, removing another), we agreed about future procedure: from now on, we would take turns lunching together on each other's back patios and each of us would bring our own food. 


Lavinia Ballister
01/03/2014 6:07pm

I could picture you and your friends at lunch and roared with laughter. This is one of your funniest blogs!

Meredith A.
02/11/2014 2:52pm

With all the different diets these days, there's no one perfect restaurant that can possibly cater to every single food preference. You and your friends are right. We've just got to bring our own lunches.

Amy Stevenson
02/21/2014 12:01pm

This blog makes me realize we can get so carried away with our food preferences that it becomes impossible to enjoy eating out with friends.

Janie Simmons
04/10/2014 3:00pm

The answer to your opening question is: No, it is not possible for friends to go out to lunch, or dinner for that matter, and for each of them to be completely happy with the food. This post is side-splittingly funny but also true.

Jake N.
05/12/2014 4:40pm

I'm still laughing. Men have the same problem only we don't talk about it so openly.

08/05/2014 12:12am

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